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Indiana Rangers: The Army Guard in Vietnam

"LRP/Ranger units were among the most highly decorated units in Vietnam"

"• NVA regular, South Vietnam, 1968 • NVA anti-aircraft gunner, South Vietnam, 1967 • NVA regular, South Vietnam, 1968", Mike Chappell

Indiana Rangers: The Army Guard in Vietnam

Przegląd 4 pułku piechoty na pozycji w Olszynce Grochowskiej

Training the New Model Army

British army during the Seven Years War

Flak Jackets: • US Army helicopter crewman, 'chickenplate'; 1970 • US Navy gunner, 'Titanium/Nylon Composite' armour; 1969

A US Marine on a firebase in the highlands of South Vietnam fills up the fuel tanks of an M2A1-7 flamethrower from a 55-gallon drum, 1971"

"Rangers (ARVN): • Grenadier • Staff sergeant", Ramiro Bujeiro

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