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WW1: A German U-boat surfaces in rough seas in the North Atlantic. The serrated device on the bow was a cutter for anti-sub nets.

German torpedo boats that were brought to the United States after the 1st World War


French Soldier 'Le Poilu' During World War I

Le Poilu - the French soldier of WW1: Propaganda photo of what the French "opinion maker" of the day saw as the proverbial Poilu manning France's front line. Not very young, tough, confident, chewing on his pipe, and bearing a variety of kit that was the most modern for the time.

Women munition workers finish small arms cartridges in Small Arms Cartridge Factory No.3 at Woolwich Arsenal, London, during the First World War. (Artist: Lewis G P)

Australian War Memorial - World War 1 Australian troops in the Turkish Lone Pine trenches

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The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About the First World War

Resultado de imagen para a Primera Guerra Mundial

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WWI: Animals At War

World War I, 1915, Pony changed into a Zebra for operations in East Africa

The "McCann Submarine Rescue Chamber": workers in the newly developed diving bell to salvage survivors from sunken submarines. On May 23, 1939, she was employed for the first time and rescued the 33 men of the "USS Squalus" from 74 meters depth life