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esperando... Taller de equipos de buceo #buceo #scuba #dive

Breathtaking photoset of the wonders that are under the sea of each country.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark in Red Sea

A Great White...making a typical vertical predatory attack. The shark attacks from directly below its prey at a speed of 35 miles per hour and takes a killing bite that can extract 50lbs of flesh from its victim. Research have determined that this is a pre-mediated calculated attack, Sharks also engage in territorial and investigatory attacks the Great White is therefore a "thinking" predator like a human serial killer.

Amo el arte, fotografia, artesanias y todo aquello que pueda crear con mis manos. En estas areas soy feliz y con mucha paz. Como esta fotografia maravillosa:)

Down deep beneath the surface of the ocean there lives a gang of Sharks. These Sharks search and search for food until they are satisfied .Sharks are a Beautiful creature to look at but they can also be very dangerous if antagonized .

"They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all, and the wildest, the most urgent..." (D.H. Lawrence)

buf! Taller de equipos de buceo #buceo #scuba #dive