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La religión tradicional de los ainu también ha desaparecido: únicamente se conserva el culto ceremonial a los osos y esto es en gran medida una atracción turística.

∞E68絵葉書 長老(エカシ)と彫刻(イヌエ) -アイヌ風俗-_画像1

Ainu & Japanese Man With Bear

Grave Post in Ainu Village on Southern Coast of Island of Hokkaido of Japan

Tattoed mouth, Ainu woman

Shamanism in Norway

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TATTOOING AMONG JAPAN’S AINU PEOPLE.. Until very recently (the last fully tattooed Ainu woman died in 1998), Ainu women retained a tradition of facial tattooing lending support to the argument that the ancient Jomon employed the custom in the distant past. For the Ainu, tattooing was exclusive to females, as was the profession of tattooist. According to mythological accounts, tattoo was brought to earth by the “ancestral mother” of the Ainu Okikurumi Turesh

Ritual tool of the Ainu//アイヌの儀礼具. Inau shavings. #Ainu #Hokkaido #Japan

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