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En el vídeo, los diputados del partido Svoboda Bogdan Benyuk, Andrej Iljenko e Igor Miroshnichenko, con algunos ayudantes, agreden al director del “Primer Canal Nacional” (única televisión estatal ucraniana) y lo obligan a escribir una carta de dimisión. ¿El motivo? Haber transmitido la intervención de Putin desde el Kremlin. Esta es la versión corta del vídeo, grabado y luego difundido por los mismos fascistas, como documentamos en semanas pasadas, “para dar ejemplo” e infundir temor.

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First Year Orff Exploration

This huge unit includes 11 lessons in 4 sections from Orff for Beginners. There's mallet exploration, Orff exploration, and two beginning Orff pieces. This is how we start teaching Orff from the very first day. If you teach the whole unit, your students will have a great understanding of how to play xylophones correctly, and how to have a great steady beat on the instruments by the end.

Soldiers who were among several hundred that took up positions around a Ukrainian military base stand near the base's periphery in Crimea on March 2, 2014 in Perevalne, Ukraine. Several hundred heavily-armed soldiers not displaying any idenifying insignia took up positions outside the base and parked several dozen vehicles, mostly trucks and patrol cars, nearby. The new government of Ukraine has appealed to the United Nations Security Council for help against growing Russian intervention in…

Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present) - Wikipedia

Donald Trump’s foreign policy chops were once again mocked when he seemed to forget about one of the major geopolitical developments of recent years: Russia’s 2014 intervention in Ukraine. Or did he?

0bama ain't got time for that!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------- Fox’s Ed Henry asked Obama earlier today to explain the “Obama Doctrine” that drives foreign policy in the wake of the disarray in Ukraine, Syria, and the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, among other flops. Obama responded that he didn’t have the time in the presser to detail an “Obama Doctrine,” but he took the time to declare that his predecessor’s was all about military intervention:

My intervention last Monday, commenting on the deepening crisis in the ‪#‎Ukraine‬ (in Spanish). Sistema TV Informa: Análisis del conflicto en Ucrania (3/3/2014)

Ucrania: centro de la lucha por el poder global (¿rediviva “guerra fría” por el gas y el petróleo?)

nice Putin Adviser Threatens Russian Intervention in Ukraine

MARCH 6, 2014 President Barack Obama announced sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Ukraine and called Crimea’s attempt to join the Russian Federation unconstitutional and a violation of international law. The sanctions include the freezing assets & U.S. visas blocked if determined to have violated the sovereignty of Ukraine or stolen the assets of Ukrainian citizens. He said steps taken in coordination w/ European allies.