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Pequeña biblioteca libre

Jenny Heins. Seattle, WA. This little library was supposed to be a prototype, but I had such fun embellishing that it ended up being my library. We started by stocking it with books from Sustainable Ballard's lending library. Next up: excess from my private collection. Sustainable Ballard will be publishing a map of Ballard libraries and we are offering subsidies to help people register their libraries. Check out sustainableballard.org/little-free-libraries/ for details.

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Matt Renwick. Wisconsin Rapids, WI. We started a raised bed garden at Howe Elementary in the Spring of 2010. Families from our school are able to sponsor a bed and grow whatever they would like each spring. Currently we have 14 raised beds. A pergola with a picnic table and the Little Free Library were added in the Spring of 2012. We dedicated it to our retiring Principal Scott Kellogg for his commitment to literacy for the students at Howe Elementary.

Pequeña biblioteca libre

Una petita llibreria, lliure. Aquí a Barcelona, es podrien crear unes quantes, hi ha molta gent que llença els llibres perquè les biblioteques no els volen!

Little Free Libraries are taking the world by storm

Need a free library in your neighborhood? No problem! "Here’s a cool project you can do with kids in your neighborhood. Founders Tod Bol, Rick Brooks, and the rest of the folks at Little Free Library are building, well, little free libraries! Inspired by Andrew Carnegie, who helped build 2,509 libraries around the world, Little Free Library plans to build 2,510 small, free lending libraries for public use…"

A Little Free Library in your front yard - what a fabulous idea!!! Living With Kids: Amity Courtois by Doritos

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