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Bolivia's Death Road: Would You Risk it

Bolivia's death road( El Camino de la Muerte) connecting La Paz and Coroico.Done that.

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A Journey Through Bolivia: La Paz and Beyond

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Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Travel to Argentina

Argentina, also referred to as the Argentine Republic, is a country belonging to the South American continent. It is a federal republic that shares the Southern Cone with Chile. It also shares a border with other Latin countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Travel to Argentina in this virtual tour guide.

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12 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be To Bolivia

12 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be To Bolivia

Monte Roraima - Roraima - Brasil

7 Reasons to Visit Santa Cruz while traveling Bolivia

Travelers often call it quits after visiting La Paz and Salar de Uyuni (the ssalt flats) when exploring Bolivia but, there is WAY more to see in the country besides bowler hats and potato sacks - you just have to know where to look! Here's a list with over 25 things to do and places to see in tropical lowlands of Santa Cruz, Bolivia! via @Bohemiandiaries

The Yungas road in Bolivia, or 'Death Road' as its more commonly called! If your heading for the Jungle area, my advice to you is: take a small plane! Google Image Result for