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La única costumbre que hay que enseñar a los niños es que no se sometan a ninguna. Ilustracion de Gavroche.

Schiap's sister was passionate about religion, and wished to become a nun. Schiap alludes that she regretted never following her passion.

starbucks barista grantaire

modern au grantaire is a barista... ok, so this may seem totally weird, but hear me out. imagine if grantaire decided to become a coffee drinker in order to get over his alcoholism? in his mind, the only way to impress enjolras (or even just get enjolras to stop hating him) is to stop drinking. so he decides to not only switch from wine to coffee, but to emerge himself in a job as a barista so that he wouldn't be tempted to revert back to his old habits. idk just my thoughts as i was making…

Sylvia Sidney (born Sophia Kosow; August 8, 1910 – July 1, 1999)

Late 1770's riding habit in the style of Lady Wosley, 2012 "The only tonish undress at present among the ladies of all ranks is a scarlet riding habit, faced of the colour that distinguishes the regiment of militia in which their husbands, their lovers, or their keepers now serve, at the different encampments." General Evening Post June 13 1778, Diary of a Mantua Maker

yeah, no. Correction: Enjolras, is a gorgeous, young, pretty, beautiful, singer, who is BEAUTIFUL. and I gues capable of being terrible too.

"We'll fight like 20 armies and we won't give up!" #Gavroche #LesMiserables

This is why I love the people who were in Les Mis.

This is perfect. I can just imagine Grantaire laughing his head off and Enjolras facepalming.

That would make so much sense. They never mention the fact that he's their son in the movie.