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Kebab plato típico de Turquía

Iskender kebab in Istanbul

Souvlaki, The hamburger of Athens Greece. The meat, often beef, is cubed into 1-inch chunks, marinated overnight in lemon juice and olive oil along with Greek herbs and spices such as oregano. Then it is skewered on wooden skewers, broiled over charcoal, and generously salted and peppered. Often served in a pita with onions tomatos and Tzatziki.

Mustafa Demir’s Gemüse Kebap

Most famous street food for doner kebab

Top 10 Turkish Food to Satiate Your Taste Buds: Kebab.

“The Best Döner in the World”

In Berlin, the ratio of people to döner kebab joints is approximately two to one and annual sales throughout Germany exceed 2.5 billion euro. The ubiquity of the kebab is mirrored throughout most o...

Rota dos Sabores: 23ª Receita: Döner Kebab - Turquia

International Street Foods

The doner kabab--Berlin's most popular street food. Try them at Mustafa's Gemusekebap.