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Bizarre Horn-Faced Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

Nasutoceratops - Raúl Martín

A very long necked sauropod called Mamenchisaurus

Top 10 Dinosaurs That Aren’t What They Were. What we know about dinosaurs has changed so much in just a few short decades. When I was little, people thought that Diplodocus, pictured, spent most of it's time standing in water, and that if it came out, it dragged it's tail. Neither was true. Click to see what we know now.

Raúl Martín: Argentinosaurus

Tenontosaurus vs Deinonychus by on @deviantART


Brontosaurus (also not a real dinosaur).

Yangchuanosaurus (Metriacanthosaurus), a carnivorous theropod dinosaur (left) and Shunosaurus, a sauropod (right) from the Cretaceous era of Asia. Description from I searched for this on