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natura spettacolare - Cerca con Google

Stock Soldier 02 - Posing by Freeport

Super-mamma scoiattolo salva il suo piccolo rimasto incastrato <3 (Olycom)

Leonessa e impala: l'istinto di madre prevale su quello si cacciatrice (fonte: Corriere della Sera)

Un gruppo di uccelli migratori a Beardstown, Illinois, febbraio 2012 (AP Photo/Jacksonville Journal-Courier, Robert Leistra)

Perfect Moment Highly Commended - Unfriendly Necking (c) Graham Morrison

A murmuration of starlings fly over an agricultural field near Netivot, Israel, on February 12, 2014. (Reuters/Amir Cohen)

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The Murmurations of Starlings - In Focus - The Atlantic

Playful Spider Snapshots

A spider with a rain drop on its head! I hate spiders, but it looks like it's smiling and not so threatening with a rain drop helmet :)