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Carpe Diem
Patio de Córdoba. España.
Hoy las fotos de nuestros  corresponden a Grecia.  Simplemente a disfrutar del color y la belleza de este lugar. =)
Art OMG, I have to have this tree!
Scarlet Begonias in Bonsai
AMAZING SUNSET #photo by Igor Torgman on #landscape nature water reflection tree sky clouds tree
bouganvilla..messy but beautiful
Bozcaada, Çanakkale, Turkey
Monet's home Giverny, France. It is just as I would expect. He must loved flowers. They were a frequent subject in his Impressionist Art. The Tournament of Roses floats remind me of the Art Form. They have to be totally covered in organic matter handed glued petal by petal or seed by seed. The floats have a textured appearance much like Impressionist Paintings.
Maravillas para inspirarnos el día ;)
Landscape Floral Painting like the colours blend together naturally                                                                                                                                                     More