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Tindakan apheresis mas Bahtiar Setiawan


Looking For A Vein

Looking For A Vein on a preemie. Love those transiluminators! #nicunurse

decellularized "Ghost" Heart The cells are removed by a chemical process, leaving only Extracellular matrix, so the new cells of the transplantee, which match the DNA, can be grown on this heart, so the rejection of the organ doesn't happen. It's still in the experimental stage, but it is promising.


Organ-ized Crime

Organ-ized Crime.

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30 Charts You Didn't Know You Needed

Vaccines revolutionized medicine and revolutionized healthcare.

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Reference guide for dermatology

One career I am interested in for my future is a career in Psychology. I am fascinated by the human brain and I would love to study it and earn a career from this. Earning a career in psychology will help me in achieving more goals, such as owning a house and traveling.

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23 Things That Prove The Human Body Is Amazing

And finally, this is what the human eye looks like up close: