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Tomarse de la mano está subestimado

Nc que pasa pero cada dia que pasa me desiluciona su forma de amar

Jawfish – Jawfish are “mouthbrooders”, meaning that they collect and keep their eggs in their mouths to protect them from predators.

“A friend of mine found this old photograph in a shoe box in his Grandmother’s attic. On the back was written… Aunty Mary and her “friend” Ruth, 1910. I wonder if those quotation marks imply what I think they do, by the look on their faces, I would say they do”

LGBTQ Flag Guide I guess you could say i'm a "Lipstick Lesbian" but i think i'll just stick with the generic pride flag

lena. demigirl & ace lesbian. woman of color, hellenic polytheist, witch, wlw ethusiast, & femslash...

To celebrate Harper Lee's life and work, we remember her most influential novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.