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Mod 6 Lesson 6.1 Historical Linguistics and Global Language Families

Language families of the New World and their suggested expansions.

Linguistic Map of Languages and Dialects in Europe : priority given to dialects and indigenous minority languages

A map showing the various languages found on the continent of Australia. It is interesting to note that many smaller, native languages still exist here even after British control spread English.

The spread of civilization in thousand-year steps. The purple areas became civilized by 3000 B.C. Civilization spread to the green areas by 2000 B.C., yellow by 1000 B.C., red by 1 A.D., and brown by 1000 A.D. The rest of the world (grey) has either acquired civilization since 1000 A.D., or is not yet civilized.

Potential independent states in Europe that display strong sub-state nationalism.

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