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with its sweet round shape and versatile crossbody strap, you might think the byrdie is just a pretty little thing. you’d be right--but it’s also scratch-proof (cat owners, rejoice), water-resistant (no need for that rain check) and lightweight (so it’ll never weigh you down). the whole cameron street collection, in fact, is ready to take on every element in your interesting life.

Wow! This would be SO helpful! You could use it on a door or a wall.......Cool!

La especie Tillandsia aeranthos, llamada comúnmente "clavel de aire". Es una planta epífita que puede crecer sobre cualquier otro vegetal o roca usándolo solamente como soporte, pero sin parasitarlo. Lo llamativo de esta planta es que vive del aire principalmente. LEER MAS: http://www.enchufix.com/blog/vivir-del-aire-planta-que-no-necesita-aire/

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costurero especial

Finding Joy in the Journey with Motherhood, Crocheting, Crafting, and Cooking.

un fosforo prendido/perdido por aqui #deliriosdepiromano

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