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MATSURRA, JAPAN—The Asahi Shimbun reports that underwater archaeologists surveying the waters off the island of Takashima have located the remains a second shipwreck that was part of one of the two 13th-century Mongol invasions that were destroyed by the “divine wind” (Kamikaze) typhoons.

ANCIENT BAIAE -an elite resort Late Roman Empire - mosaic submerged by volcanic activity

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Underwater city of Baiae. According to tradition, Baiae was named after Baios, the helmsman of Odysseus. Mild climate, thermal springs, and luxuriant vegetation made it a popular resort during the later years of the Roman Republic. A large part of the town became imperial property under Augustus and later emperors. More than 100 meters of the ancient site is now submerged in the bay due to local volcanic activity and subsidence.

One of the houses in Emir Kusturica's wooden village Mecavnik

The German archaeological interest in the Middle East was intensifying just around that time, after the journey of Kaiser Wilhelm II to the East in 1898. The first excavations in Babylon by the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft started in 1899 while Felix von Luschan opened up important Late Hittite and Aramaic sites in south-west Turkey. The purpose of state-funded excavations was on the one hand to highlight the German presence in the Middle East and on the other hand to fill with spectacular…