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great set of Alice in Wonderland masks out of cardboard for a school play

Interesting Paper Mache Frame you can easily create forms for your paper mache projects. You can actually use supplies as simple as cardboard and masking tape to design almost anything! For rounder, hollow shapes you can use balloons. You can use many items around your house as a base form. Create a Form...

Stuck for a fancy dress costume? make your own Hare Mask from recycled cardboard boxes. These plans let you turn any recycled card into full head hare Mask. The templates come plain white and as you can see from the photos you can decorate them however you like.

Recently, I had some giant pieces of cardboard laying around, that I just couldn’t part with. You know, it’s not everyday you have giant pieces of cardboard, so I asked Jacks, “Do you want to make a giant moon?” And that’s exactly what we did! You’ll need the following supplies for this project: Giant cardboard Plastic …

Dinosaur Mask - Make a T-Rex Mask with just Paper and Glue! | Paper Mask | DIY Mask | Halloween Mask | Dinosaur Costume

Make your own T-Rex mask from paper, card stock, or cardboard with this PDF template! The mask is designed to simply slip over the head and is

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Small Paper Mache Animal Head Sculpture - Moose Faux Taxidermy Size: Small

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Handmade Faux Taxidermy - Brown Kraft Paper - Ram Head Wall Art - Home Decor - Paper Mache and Recycled Materials

Handmade Faux Taxidermy - Brown Kraft Paper - Ram Head Wall Art - Home Decor…

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