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Cargador USB para el teléfono. Entra en la billetera!
Running out of power after a photo-full morning is the pits.   Never get caught without a USB charging cable again! Keep a ChargeCard in your wallet. It has the same connectors as your phone’s USB cord, but it’s shaped like your library card.


Weve rounded up five ingenious gadgets and accessories that you might want, but probably dont need.:
I would definitely find these useful! - Lose something? These tiny Bluetooth StickNFind stickers will find it! (Anything from your keys to your cat!)

Lose Something? These Tiny Stickers Will Find It

Funda Disco Duro para iPhone 4
Cell Phones for Christmas Festivities. | Celulares para las Festividades Navideñas. #Cell #christmas #invierno #celular #navidad http://www.pinterest.com/cosafresca
Esta Memoria USB ya se me ocurre a quién regalarle jaja
Quiero uno
Here are five awesome gadgets and accessories that think outside the box.
Gel Bio Robot Fridge- wall of green Jell-O-like gel that will hold whatever you put in place

Jelly Food Storage