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Worm - homies_world

Worm : This is the Homie known as Worm. Given this name for obvious reasons Worm is a sad case. He is a slimy character. No one really likes him, but there is no sense in telling him to get lost...cuz you know he won't leave. If you turn your back on him he'll rip you off. As soon as you leave the room he'll talk about you. Worm is a spineless Homie trying to look hard but can't fight. None of the Homies ever invite him to their parties, but he always shows up anyway. ...

Flaca - homies_world


Homies World Big Happy

Homies World Quasiloco

Half a homie - homies_world

Half a homie : An incredibly gifted writer...half a Homie has now blown up off the charts...and is playing to sold out concerts from coast to coast. Haven taken this name when he lost his main Homeboy Z-Mix a few years back...he claims his success nor his life will never be whole without his padner...may he rest in peace. Its been a rough road to the top. Once caught up in a bad record deal...he thought he`d never get his break. Then Payday discovered him and threw down his beats and…

Mijos - Meet the Mijos