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"Pero hay una regla que si se rompe (o peor aún, si se evita), es destructiva para el artista: nunca subordines tu obra al servicio de otra cosa que no sea la libertad." Jan Svankmajer 1999

Vídeos - "Oscuridad, luz, oscuridad " (1989) - FilmAffinity

Vídeos - "Carne enamorada " (1989) - FilmAffinity

▶ Train of Thought - Leo Bridle & Ben Thomas

The Web by Charlene Iverson, Crimson Perez is being haunted by her own ghost. When her and her friends delve into the world of the supernatural, they find a web of deceit, terror and murder. FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Family Legacy: Keeper of the Dark Spirits by Charlene Iverson, Adair Bolton is trapped between two worlds. Good and evil battle for her soul. Phantoms from her family's terrifying past haunt her day and night as she fights to escape her grandmother's hellish world.

'A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt.' ~ Ray Bradbury. °

MUTO a wall-painted animation, by BLU

Vídeos - "Flora " (1989) - FilmAffinity