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Ana de Cléveris, fue la cuarta esposa de Enrique VIII, durante sólo seis meses. El matrimonio nunca se consumó, sin llegar Ana a ser coronada Reina de Inglaterra y permitiendo la anulación. Ana fue recompensada con propiedades, incluyendo el Castillo de Hever, antigua residencia de la familia Bolena. Recibió el título de "Hermana del Rey", y permaneció como amiga de él y sus hijos. Está sepultada en la Abadía de Westminster.

de Plain Vanilla Mom

Sensory Bag for Baby

throw in some fun things for baby to look at and squish around in the gel.  Squeeze out as much air as you can when you seal the bag. I ran ...

All the time. Maybe I aint good enough. Maybe it's a one direction thing. Maybe I'm just not the person they trust. (Vc)

'Church Chicken' August 10 2016 Just saw this little detail walking by the church. There's gonna be a new VlogDave video tomorrow by the way! Didn't have time to edit it for today. #vlogdave #photography #fotografie #snapshot #germany #deutschland #observation #colorful #colors #sky #skyporn #evening #church #art #design #figure #architecture #instagood #instadaily #neverstopexploring #exploring #urbanexplorer #urbanexploration #urban #buildings #shadows #perspective


Who’s church is this?

is it sad I saw this days ago and just understood it in the car yesterday driving past a catholic school

Sadly this is so true, so many Catholics don't even realize this because they don't actually read their bibles, they just go off of what they have been taught. They go to church twice a year and never actually study the scriptures. My husband was blind to his Catholic ways when we married 53 years ago, thankfully he saw the truth or the catholic church and how they make you reliant on a Priest for forgiveness of your sins and that just goes against everything that Jesus Christ taught.

If you saw the size of the blessing coming you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting. #365DaysOfAwesome

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How a Stay-at-Home Mom Can Change the World

Do you ever wonder why God made you a mom? Do you realize that being a mom makes you famous? Motherhood is revolutionary. It changes the world. Your sacrifice to be a mother is your child's reward. And that changes everything.