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Recount Collapses: Jill Stein’s Failure in Pennsylvania Means No Overturning Donald Trump’s Ascension To Presidency

Recount Collapses: Jill Stein?s Failure in Pennsylvania Means No Overturning Donald Trump?s Ascension To Presidency

First order of business Call the DNC (202) 863 - 8000 Bernie has recommended Keith Ellison as new DNC Chair. The establishment is pushing Howard Dean to maintain the status quo. Tell them Hell No! Click this link to send them an email too.

well, at least people can’t pretend that the US isn’t a white supremacist patriarchal society any more

we pay their fucking salary, we are their boss... - (dismantle the NSA)(gut the military)(edward snowden)(hero)

25 ways to be politically active ... beyond the safety pins

Whether the election's left you feeling impotent or energized, now's the time to start getting more politically active. Keep the momentum going. Here are some ways you can elevate your activism.

I just signed the petition to create a registry of Animal Abusers at Shop For Your Cause. Please sign and help us make this important change.

Abortion Doctors: Not Really Any Reason for an Abortion to Save a Mother's Life |

Benghazi Hearing Witness to Gowdy: Ask Ex-US Ambassador to Egypt why Christopher Stevens was in Benghazi