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No. 11: -"¿Pero cómo obtienes suficiente proteína? +¡Di proteína de nuevo. Te reto, te doble reto hijo de puta, di proteína una maldita vez más!"

In discussing why I don't eat meat, I had an "educated" woman tell me "Yeah but they are dumb."- I told her: It's not an IQ test- they FEEL...they feel pain, apprehension and terror, longing and love. I asked-Do you have a dog? (she said yes)...Perhaps YOU my dear are the DUMB one.

Live cruelty-free and teach your students to do the same! [Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals]

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What Being Homeschooled Is Actually Like

We are so removed from the reality of the pain and suffering of the animals that someone is paid for little for to kill and put in little plastic packages. This poster reminds me of when I shopped and was not aware of this fact.

I started being a vegan for health reasons, then it was a moral choice, and now it's just to annoy people.

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19 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Understands

Lectures. | 19 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Understands

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