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Mis papás son de Guerrero, México. Yo soy de Chicago, Illinois.

Where bison roamed in light green, then the white men decimated them, and now this is all that is left to roam in our whole country.

Carte de la Nouvelle-France en 1750, avec les différentes régions. Indications des possessions des autres pays

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19 Beer Infographics To Make You See Double

Prohibition Did What?! goes over the effects of that sad time period in American history.

Italy, ca. 500 BCE. By 700 BCE, when Italy first appears in Greek written records, most of its people lived as farmers or herders in villages or small towns. Colonists from Greece had established city-states in the south of Italy and in Sicily bringing Greek civilization to the peninsula: the alphabet & Greek styles of art/architecture.The Etruscans emerged, under Greek influence, in central Italy. Their power reaches its peak with the establishment of outposts in the Po valley, in the…

Which are some evidences for the Theory of Plate Tectonics? - Quora