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La China No Existe (Spanish Edition)

China Doesn't Exist

Personajes de la fantasía Disney encontrados en la vida real

Personajes de la fantasía Disney encontrados en la vida real

Los clásicos son como territorios de los que muchos hablan pero pocos han visitado en realidad. ¿Cómo convertirte en un explorador que sabe de lo que habla?

A China Não Existe (Portuguese Edition)

REMEMBER!!! Go take a peek at the novel if you haven’t yet. “Battlefield of Angels” It’s a glimpse at spiritual warfare around us and rate this. Though fictional in content many of the events are real and a shadow of my life. http://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-Angels-United-States-Slavery/dp/1491815663/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1380993713&sr=1-2&keywords=battlefield+of+angels

Most people pass by life as if they would live 2000 years. They don’t really care about absolutely anything, not even their spiritual conscience, knowledge, legacy, etc. Even the ones that believe in reincarnation tend to say: “It’s ok, as you will reborn again”. For me, the limitations presented by life on earth have been the most disturbing I had to acknowledge about existence. Earthly humans really live like a bug; One day you are…

Liger - you can see him at King Richards Faire :)

Un ángel protegiendo a Daniel en el foso de los leones

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