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El cielo de Dore. Ilustracion para libro de la Divina Comedia

"In my midlife, I found myself in the middle of a dark forest" Divine Comedy, Inferno by Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

'Satan Resting On The Mountain', Gustav Dore (1832-1883).

Mandalas - Radial Symmetry III Gustave Dore, Dante and Beatrice 1865

c1880 Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy Gustave Dore Vision Purgatory Paradise

Gustave Dore' - La Commedia Divina - Illustration 35

transylmania: “ By Gustave Doré ”

William Blake. Epitome of James Hervey's Meditations Among the Tombs. 1825

Harpies in the wood of the suicides. Divine Comedy, 1890.

Gustave Dore -A Celestial Light -1875