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El sueño es la pequeña puerta escondida en el más profundo y más íntimo santuario del alma.

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Anger Management 101

Marriage and Couples Counseling Assessments and Worksheets - And just saying, I don't agree with all of these, but there are useful ones.

Supporting others - what helps & what hurts. The second statement on left is huge for me. Love this pin.

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Best Counseling Blogs 2012

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The Connection Between Being Autistic and Being Artistic

The Connection Between Being Autistic and Being Artistic | : Evidence has shown that not only are many children with autism spectrum (ASD) highly intelligent, demonstrating creative and cognitive abilities that far exceed those of their non-ASD peers, but autistic children are also better able to process details than other children.

16 Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Recommendations for Advocates Working with Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence

A psychological evaluation is generally required before an individual will be approved for a bariatric surgery procedure. It may be performed by a psychiatrist or psychologist. The purpose of the evaluation is to insure that someone has realistic expectations about weight loss, can follow post-surgery food protocols, and has the emotional skills necessary for a successful outcome, assess current mental status and determine emotional readiness for surgery.


Offers insights on and solutions to the challenges that arise when young adult twins are expected to be independent, self-assured "singletons" after having been raised as twins. Written for twins, their families, and significant others, this book. Instructs twins how to have an honest, authentic relationship and offers tips and strategies to navigate the issues of separation, individuality, and co-dependence. Provides insight and understanding to families coping with twin struggles