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Double iris/Pupula duplex - An extremely rare condition where there are two pupils in one eye.

de Pausecafein

Ces photos vintage de "monstres" de foires vont vous faire frissonner !

Freaks de foire aux monstres

Ruth Davis "Mignon, the Penguin Girl, had a variety of phocomelia, or "seal limbs". In Mignon's case all four of her limbs were affected, leaving her looking very much like a penguin — hence, her stage persona. She gave birth to a son named Tony LaArgo"

de Cult of Weird

Freak Show: Most Famous Circus Sideshow Performers

Inside the freak show: history's most famous and fascinating sideshow performers

Jenny Lee & Elvira Snow Freaks has earned its place in history as one of the all-time great cult films, though it wasn’t always beloved. The film was reviled by both critics and audiences upon release in 1932. It was a career-killer for Tod Browning, who had previously been a Hollywood golden child with a string of Lon Chaney hits under his belt and who had just come off the enormous success of Dracula. The film shocked audiences with its use of actual sideshow “freaks” as actors…

"Pinheads" Carte de visite, ca. 1865. Pinheads were microcephalic people who were often placed in freak shows and dressed as adult babies. Despicable treatment.

de MilK - Le magazine de mode enfant

MilK Box septembre 2014

Nice tiger