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GRAFIMANÍA 2 – Cosas de clase – Webová alba Picasa

GRAFIMANÍA 2 – Cosas de clase – Webová alba Picasa

This little resource will teach students how to effectively use punctuation in their writing. #Punctuation #Foldable #Interactive #Strategies #English #Classroom

Clothing flashcards

FREEBIE: Firefighter Word Wall Writing Center

A vs. An depends not on whether the next word starts with a vowel but on the Sound of the first letter.

Who's vs. Whose in English

Spanish TPRS teachers will love this poster. This poster provides 65 of the most common structures needed to get children to produce meaningful language. Adding these structures to student's vocab list will give them the connecting tools they need to start writing, narrating and reading stories in Spanish. Students pick up these structures extremely fast without necessarily understanding grammatical structures. They do however learn where and when to use them when communicating.

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