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Explora Breve Recorrido, León Guanajuato, ¡y mucho más!

888,246 Flores Pintadas Color Sangre Engalanan la Torre de Londres

The Royal Crescent (DT42F) Town City Print by Dave Thompson #royalcrescent #bath

Musica instrumental Andina (del Ecuador)

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are a “lost” set of harmonic tones that have been claimed to be beneficial to the mind and are receiving renewed interest, mainly by people interested in how they influence the mind. The focus seems to be in the way they seem able to modulate brain waves from a faster beat to a slower one. So, their potential as sleep inducers or stress relievers is something worth looking into.

Brixton (DT24) Town and City Print by Dave Thompson #brixton #ritzy #london

Moving to Nashville Guide | Where to Live | Nashville Guru Germantown sounds very intriguing!

Mom Knows Best: A Brief History of Celebrity Mother-Daughter Style

Jackie and Caroline Kennedy, 1969