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Esta semana vamos un poquito antes para hablar de las cosas que dan más miedo que el "jalogüín". A mí se me ocurren por lo menos 10

¿Puedo salir de una red social para siempre y sin dejar rastro? Mi consejo: cuantos menos datos personales ofrezcas, mejor. Porque, aunque logres borrarte de una red social, tus datos seguirán pululando por la red per saecula saeculorum.

Nadie te puede proporcionar la salvación, a menos que la conquistes por ti mismo; no es posible obtenerla mediante meras creencias ni a través de la adhesión a dogmas, sino por medio de tu propio conocimiento y experiencia personal.

Helen Jacqueline Ivy Hall - Beautiful Mom - I'll love you forever! Thanks for showing me the non-fearful life. The kind that wasn't afraid (but trusting) to give to others less fortunate or in need. I remember many times, you saying (while driving and observing a hitch hiker) "lets give that long haired boy a ride. He wouldn't be asking if he wasn't in need." And we ALWAYS had a good experience... Because we expected it out of others. Respect is not so common anymore, momma! I wish they…

Set a No-Buy goal, and stick to it. • Whether you’re looking to save money, get healthy, or reduce your plastic footprint, there is always a way to live the “less is more” mantra.

"You are enough. You are so much more than enough. Remember, when you feel less than enough, when you feel self-doubt…it's just an illusion that you've bought into momentarily. Reconnect with your core and allow the energy of your Divine Essence to fill you. You are magnificent." ~Julie Migneault, Awakening Feminine (~Gabriellyn~)

HUDSON VALLEY ANIMAL RESCUE & SANCTUARY: Most of these beautiful cats were pulled from a high kill shelter in NYC. They were on the list to be euthanized. Please consider adopting one of these wonderful cats. It is not their fault that they were surrendered to an overcrowded shelter. Let’s show them that there are some good caring people in this world who will offer them a “FOREVER” home. Mickey 5-9-14. CHECK THEIR SITE OUT & DONATE :)