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Ba-Soul House.Object from Unearthed: Ancient Egypt, from Dr Digby, YouTube…

Seated Scribe of Medthu, c. 1479-1425 BC Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 (1540-1296 BC), reign of Tutmosis III limestone, originally painted, Overall - h:30.50 w:18.90 d:24.10 cm (h:12 w:7 7/16 d:9 7/16 inches). Cleveland Museum of Art

Model of a granary with scribe and overseer Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 11–mid 12 Date: ca. 2030–1850 B.C. Geography: From Egypt, Middle Egypt, Meir (Mir) Medium: Wood

relief of Ptah Holding Ankh and Djed: Medium: Stucco Place Made: Egypt Dates: 4th-3rd century B.C.E. Period: Late Period-Ptolemaic Period

Sarcophagus of Sethnakht. Tausert tomb. Kings Valley. XX Dinasty

Limestone Dynasty 12, c. 1991-1962 B.C. From Lisht, North Pyramid Metropolitan Museum of Art