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A true advocate of the “you are what you eat” school of thought, Boldijarre believes that what we put on our bodies, is just as important as what we put in them. Read on as the creator of celebrity-favourited skin care products shares his best skin tips, and the products you’ll want to achieve real results.

Tomar una ducha muy caliente y el excesivo nivel de cloro en el agua es una mezcla fatal para nuestro cutis, provocando severo daño cutáneo. Más detalles en el siguiente artículo de Salud Actual:

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11 Tips For Flawless Skin That These Asian Celebrities Swear By

Masaje facial.

Tu cuerpo va a durar mucho mas que cualquier bolso bonito. Invierte en ti misma!! Invest in yourself.

Skin care tip Thursday: No matter how tired you are or how tempting it is to skip washing, do it anyways. Makeup of any form deprives your skin of oxygen and clogs your pores leading to blackheads and blemishes. Not to mention think about all of the dirt, sweat, and oil that has built up on your face all day. You really want to sleep with that?! Gross!! #skincare #dallas #esthetician #beskinnocent #cleansing #clearskin #antiaging #acne #entrepreneur #triathlon

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She Believed She Could Print

Ella creyó que podía entonces lo hizo.

Skin tip from Dr. Rueckl, Lakes Dermatology. #skincells #cellturnover #skinfacts