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"Tres anillos para los Reyes Elfos bajo el cielo. Siete para los Señores Enanos en casas de piedra. Nueve para los Hombres Mortales condenados a morir. Uno para el Señor Oscuro, sobre el trono oscuro Un Anillo para gobernarlos a todos. Un anillo para encontrarlos, un Anillo para atraerlos a todos y atarlos en las tinieblas en la Tierra de Mordor donde se extienden las Sombras." -El poema del anillo único. Que aparece al acercar el anillo al fuego.

The Beautiful Hand-Writing And Maps Of The Lord Of The Rings Movies

Tolkien handwritten letter with J.R.R. Tolkien signature


A reproduction of Bilbo’s copy of Thrór’s map, received and delivered by one J.R.R. Tolkien from There and Back Again, the first part of the discovered manuscript known as the Red Book of Westmarch.

Tolkien - El señor de los anillos

e2OUT60.jpg (900×594)

The Lord of the Rings as a medieval manuscript, with the lettering in Elvish. In the history of Middle-earth, the tongues of the Elves are separated as part of the speakers emigrate to Aman while others stay behind, leading to a split of Quenya (High-Elvish, or Elf-Latin) and Sindarin.

Can you promise that I will come back?