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Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

Passion is everything! Doesn't matter if it's about your favourite sport, science, your favourite singer or your cat... Just, passion! ♥

Finally this post has come, people always talk about people breaking down their Walls. Here's a shoutout to the kids who haven't yet met that person!

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Mark Twains #Quote about his #dog

25 Deep Quotes about Life

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"We want you to understand that 99.99% of every creation is completed, vibrationally, before you see any physical evidence of it. It’s true of everything that you want. Just point at it, and keep going. That’s all. Don’t use the excuses about not going. Just point at it and keep going. Point at it and let the call of Source call you toward it." Abraham Hicks, 2007-02-24 San Francisco

We all have some insecurities in life but some people allow those insecurities to make them bitter and they decide that everything has to always be about "them". Don't spend too much time with self-centered people, because they just steal your joy! Mary Hamilton 2014

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