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Kore llamada Hera de Samos Museo del Louvre.

** ESCULTURA ::: HERA de SAMOS, h. 570 a.C. - Imagen cilíndrica de gran tamaño. Pliegues en diagonal del HIMATION (manto) contrastan con los verticales del KHITON (túnica). Manera JÓNICA de vestir

Fragment of a marble grave stele of a warrior, c. 390 b.c., Classical Greek, Attic, Pentelic Marble. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Herakles from the east pediment of the Temple of Athena Aphaia at Aegina

kore - Cerca con Google

Pediment of the Temple of Zeus,Olympia Photo by feray umut -- National Geographic Your Shot

Spata (Σπάτα)

Esfinge feita de mármore. Encontrada em Spata, Attica. Esculpida entre 570-550 a.C. Atualmente se encontra em exposição no Museu Arqueológico Nacional de Atenas.

Podaleirios, son of Asklepios. Statue of Podaleirios, son of Asklepios, from the public baths, circa 200 AD, Dion, Archaeological Museum.

Part of the pediment showing the Battle of the Centaurs from the Temple of Zeus, 470-456 BC. (Olympia Museum)

ARCHAIC: Peplos Kore, C. 530 BCE. Acropolis Museum, Athens. The original is in the Acropolis Museum in Athens (Acr. 679) and the traces of paint can still be seen, although they have faded since the statue was excavated from a pit by the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in 1884. It had been dumped there as part of the renovation after the Persians had destroyed the Acropolis in 480 and 479 BCE.