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Free Photography Strengths Assessment | written in consultation with celebrity photographer David Molnar from DavidMolnar.com, this assessment will help you: find where you naturally excel in photography; assess skills in 6 areas - lighting, composition, editing, business, camera fundamentals and creativity; and identify areas for growth. Once you complete the assessment, you'll get personalized results – and a game plan for what to do next!

#SoCool repost @daniel_serva This is awesome Thank you @adobe #Repost @adobe Rather than a written diary young photographer @daniel_serva achieves catharsis through his surreal visual diary utilizing dream-like imagery to suggest what could be. #regram #creativity #art #photography #inspiration #visualdiary ---------------- Qué genial Gracias! @adobe #Repost @adobe En lugar de un diario escrito el joven fotógrafo @daniel_serva logra catarsis a través de su diario visual surrealista…

Photo (φωτω-) was an Ancient Greek word. It means to shine, a reference to light. Graphia (γράφω) was also an Ancient Greek word. It means, roughly, something that is written, or perhaps a better word for it would be recorded.Thus, photography is light r…

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NEW POST - photo diary: eleutheromania (an irresistible desire for freedom) // tumblr floral aesthetics grunge hipsters photography instagram ideas inspiration, creative lifestyle bloggers, noor unnahar portraits, artists creative, self-portrait photo art //

Tú piensas, tú escribes, tú hablas, tú inventas...tú te ves.

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