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10 Ways To Know You're Dating A True Gentleman

This to me is not a real man..this is an ideal man..a perfect man. There is nothing in the world wrong with wanting an ideal yourself are ideal. I know how real man love....l know how play toy man love..never except less... with someone wanted to have rules. To love him. Remember to love is best gift!! your loss!

Sans, you lazy idiot, you kick his ass seven ways to Sunday, but nooooooo. You just sit there and BOONDOGGLE.

To go from talking every day and giving each other that "kick today's ass" motivation to nothing...I can't take back that day but if I could I'd do it in a heartbeat and now that heartbeat I'd give is gone because there is nothing left. It's shattered on the floor and I don't have anything left to pick up the pieces.

No hay nada peor que tener insectos dentro de casa. No sólo son porque son repugnantes sino porque se posan sobre nuestros muebles y sobre lo que comemos y

Nada personal sobre Domingo J. Casas, fotógrafo profesional: "La guerra es el peor invento de la humanidad".

de Inner Reflections of the Human Kind

Be . . . B R A V E . . . it is not an opiton if you want to be . . . A L I V E!

Be . . . B R A V E . . . it is not an opiton if you want to be . . . A L I V E! | Brake 5 Check out the theme song for Brake 5's 2014 conference in February!!! It's liberating - hope you are encouaraged to 'smile into the fear' . . .