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Explora Comenzar, Pronto, ¡y mucho más!

La fiesta va a comenzar pronto, sin embargo primero estas tres hermanas necesitan tu ayuda!

Princess Fiona needs your help to dress her up before she is going out a date with Shrek. Can you help her?

Help Megaman in this platform game to discover who is behind the intrusions, and defeat all the enemies in your way to accomplish your objective.

Glamorous sleeping princess Elizabeth is waiting for her handsome prince. Only their romantic and sweet love can help sleeping beauty break the spell. Dress her up, she is quite strikingly beautiful. Come on, let's help her!

Popeye is back and this time he is going home on a bike. There are lot of spinach on road,but most of the road are not easy to ride on.Help the super popeye catch all the spinach on the way home.

Kai lan would love if you helped Hoho collect them for YeYes special red envelopes. She will tell you which ones to gather.

Hey Kids, in this game, Shrek is very hungry for some delicious eyeball soup. To be able to do that he needs to organize his jar of eyeballs, and make sure he is not going to mess up the recipe. Help Shrek out so he can enjoy his tasty ogre treat.

Help Sailor Saturn transform into her battle mode.

It's lunch time! Help feed the Looney Tunes characters by matching and delivering the food items! Bugs Bunny will bring meat to Taz, Foghorn Leghorn will give a bone to Barnyard, Marvin the Martian bring the vegetables to K-9 Hector and Tweety will feed with the meat. Change the position of the arrows to move to the next level.

Help Pacman find his missing car parts.