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llamador de angeles reciclado con botellas de vidrio - Buscar con Google
Grow your own greens. I saw this earlier on Pinterest and thought id give it a try. The celery is about a week, Carrots are 3 days {started from dead tops, so I happy with it}, leeks are a week, slow but exciting, and bok choy I started first, small but well what do you do! Have fun trying out all kids of veggies :)
A cool Way to start your urban garden using the Japan Moss Ball style
Técnica de siembra. Sistema Hidropónico. Hidroponia. Acuaponia. Hydroponic.
Plastic 2-liter bottles used in vertical garden; Simple and awesome!
How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed in a Pot Indoors #gardening
How To Make Your Own Wattle Garden Beds theownerbuilderne... These handwoven planters will cost you nothing except a walk in the woods. Would you like some at your place?
Growing your own fruits and vegetables year round has never been easier and with this DIY greenhouse project there’s no excuse for you.
Cultivar cebollas reciclando garrafas de agua. Buena idea para experimentar en casa o en el colegio
Recycling is great, especially when you can recycle your food. Stop throwing those old scraps away, because believe it or not, those veggies can be regrown! Here are 22 foods that magically regrow, you’ll never have to buy celery again!