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Explora Encendedor Solar, De Solar, ¡y mucho más!

Encendedor solar de supervivencia.

Una excelente herramienta educativa para demostrar el poder de la energía solar. Sin combustible

Become a Tracker Trackers read the stories that animals write as they move across the land. The depth of a pawprint, the angle of a broken twig, the splatter of a puddle – these are the patterns that a Tracker deconstructs. The easiest way to start tracking is to identify a set of tracks. Consult a tracking guide and cross reference it with the species known to be in your area. More challenges: Draw an Animal’s Footprint Identify Scat Make a Track Casting Record and Identify Animals S

When the sun dips low enough that only two hands fit. It's time to search for a suitable campsite and assemble a shelter

One Infographic, 40 Knots for Hunting, Fishing, and Surviving

40 Essential Knots for the Hunter, Angler, Hiker, and Camper [INFOGRAPHIC

Foto explicativa de cómo realizar un nudo fijo para cerrar collares o pulseras con hilo de pescar.

Even More Wild Plants You Can Eat

Even More Wild Plants You Can Eat | Survival at Home: "Wild edibles, found food, Gods garden all common phrases for the same thing wild plants you can eat! It seems that every time I write a 10 wild edibles post, I discover 10 more ...." | #prepblo

Make a Wood Carrier that's a Cinch

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