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Poesía x temas CRIMEN En Uruguay en la mitad de los asesinatos no se resuelve la identificación de los autores, en el resto del mundo sucederá otro tanto. Qué impotencia ante la maldad humana.

"Look the other way, look the other way." Famine Page 69 This quote was interesting because if I were John I would have felt so disrespected I would have had to have retaliataed. So fed up with it all, he chose not to say anything about the way the agent was talking to him and just do as he is told. This kid is what my vision of what John's face would look like at that time

#IfIDieInPoliceCustody: Twitter Responds To Sandra Bland’s Death With Heartbreaking Hashtag

#IfIDieInPoliceCustody: Twitter Responds To Sandra Bland’s Death With Heartbreaking Hashtag.

Take the hint China and all the other Asian countries who torture and eat dogs. We celebrate them, being man's best friend!!!!

Republican Lies+ Wasteful Investigations are more important... than giving Veterans their Earned Benefits!!

It is a sad day in America when you have to decide who poses the biggest threat, the criminal or the police.