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¿Por qué queremos conocer nuestro propio genoma? … @mgenomica #Genética #Genómica #Biomedicina

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Mind Blown: Real Image of T4 bacteriophage (a virus) via electron microscope.

Rhizopus stolonifer, fungus The sample (mold of bread) was critical point dried and sputtered with Au/Pd. Prepared by Claudia Mayrhofer Coloured by Margit Wallner Courtesy of Angelika Reichmann

Snow, as seen through an electron microscope - This is incredible and makes you think of snow in a completely different light - or not. It's still beautiful.

All design is derived from nature's laws. Look at this bird's feather magnified 1500 times .

love this picture of red and white blood nerd

The liliputien king ring - Diatom photo courtesy of Fabrice GASLAIN