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Javier Serna, Estambul
In her series of striking collages, Istanbul-based illustrator Ceren Kilic uses mixed media to create other-worldly dreamscapes. Utilising a pastel colour palette, the images convey a sense of adventure...
<3  we love green :)    collage artwork by Merve Ozaslan
robert radford
aydin buyuktas flatland | the locations included in büyüktaş’ ‘flatland II’ series took more than two months to scout and plan. over the course of another month, büyüktaş shot the photos over about 10,000 miles of land in the united states. using between 18-20 photos, the artist then carefully created digital collages that stretch into the sky and fold backwards onto themselves.
Every mood tells a story! So much fun matching our ceramic and glass vintage cabinet knobs to the images Prices start from and amazing £1.95 / $2.85 #ceramicknobs #upcycle#upcycling #doorknobs #glass knobs
From Aleppo To Istanbul, And Finally Durham