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Feria internacional del libro de Bogotá, Colombia

I always try to choose my words carefully. You can never completely remove the pain you may cause someone for a temporary emotion. Take time to look from a different perspective.

Let it go - I wish I could. I think hell is something you carry arount with you. Not somewhere you go. - Neil Gaiman

by Camilio Matiz, Colombia, 2015 (LP) | Neon Lights | Light Up Sign | Message to New Generation | Typography | Warning | Hipster Art Installation

#Truth.. Don't just stand and sit where you are. Make an action. And now is the right time.

Slowing Down / Freelance Advice / Hart & Honey / image found via Joanna Goddard's pinterest

be confident in your decisions · «Quiero estar lleno de una sana seguridad en mí mismo en todas las áreas de mi personalidad y trabajo. «Quiero encontrarme fácilmente adoptando una actitud que me permita disfrutar de mi empleo “

Disconnect from the digital and experience life through new eyes and sounds. #travel #quotes #life #love

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