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Los nuevos Macbook Pro Retina muestran una capacidad inusitada de batería frente a su competencia

MacBook: el Nuevo Portátil de Apple Frente a la Competencia

.fluid – A reactive surface

.fluid – A reactive surface by Hannes Kalk. Imagine surfaces start to communicate with you. Your mobile gets goose skin when your lover texts you. Your WiFi controller changes the look and feel of it's surface according to different game situations. Your sofa gives you a short massage as a warm welcome when you return home from a hard day of work. Your laptop feels dried out when battery status is getting low.

Canon's ISO 4 million camera can see in the dark

New camera from Canon can see in the dark with ISO 4M! $30K for the body.

vysvedcenia pre skolkarov - Hľadať Googlom

exTouch by Tangible Media Group. exTouch is a novel embodied spatially-aware interface system to manipulate actuated objects mediated by augmented reality. The "exTouch" system extends the users touchscreen interactions into the real world by enabling spatial control over the actuated object. When users touch a device shown in live video on the screen, they can change its position and orientation through multi-touch gestures or by physically moving the screen in relation to the controlled…

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