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Chimaki by Matsumura Goshun (painting) and Yosa Buson (calligraphy) - Yosa Buson -

Yosa Buson, Travelers on Horeseback on a Mountain in Spring. ink, light colors, and gold on paper. The sketch-like quality of the ink still lends itself to a surprising amount of realism due to the shading of the rocks.

A framed and glazed painting of an Ōtaka (goshawk). Japan 17th century Edo period. Chōbei II (Hashimoto Jōsei d.1647)

Chimaki by Matsumura Goshun (painting) and Yosa Buson (calligraphy) - Yosa Buson -

Kasane by Yosa Buson. Basho wrote: We sought assistance from a man cutting grass and...he was not without compassion..."Say, why don't you take this horse...and just send him back", and he lent us his horse. Two children came running along behind the horse. One was a little girl named Kasane, a truly elegant name...Soon we made it to the next village, and sent the horse back.


Traditional Chinese Painting Chinese Brush by Chinesepainting11