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Bizcochuelo de frutillas y crema

Receta:Anna Olson/ Bizcochuelo de frutillas y crema

A Man and a Woman in an Interior - Pierre Bonnard - There's nothing worse than a Genius who doesn't have to work for it. Pierre Bonnard worked.

Liv Tyler as Arween - Lord of the rings

Compelling works of Aleksandra Aleks

Nude with Lamp / Pierre Bonnard - circa 1900

Soft and beautiful - Anatoly Piatkevich Anatoly Konenko since 1981 first in Siberia began to pursue art of microminiature.

Women in Painting by Chinese Artist Xi Pan I love the natural beauty of this figure. Full, rich and real x

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Louis Jean François Lagrenée - Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace, 1770. Oil on canvas Mars, the Roman god of War, throws back the rich green bed curtains that frame the scene. As the drapery parts, the morning light spills in to reveal the form of the sleeping Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Mars gazes at her, utterly captivated by her beauty. his shield and sword lie abandoned on the floor. Echoing the lovers’ bliss, a pair of white doves, symbolizing Peace, nest in Mars’s helmet.