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@Francesca Morizio customs declaration of moon rocks.

The man in the much publicized Holocaust photo has been only recently identified as Rabbi Moshe Hegerman, the Rabbi of Olkusz in Poland. Brought to the town square for execution he asked to let him say first Kaddish for his slain brethren. The soldiers laughed while watching him praying and then killed him.

This photograph was left on the moon by astronaut Charlie Duke. In the picture are Charlie and his wife and children, sitting on a bench in summertime. Presumably it still lies there today, along with Duke's boot print.

Abraham Lincoln died as a result of a conspiracy. John Wilkes Booth was not a lone gunman. He meant to assassinate the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State in the same night. To do this, Booth had to rely on the help of other people who ultimately proved unreliable. The killer assigned to Vice President Andrew Johnson, George Atzerodt, got a room in the hotel Johnson was staying and loitered around a bit, but he never attempted the assassination.